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8-27). 10. M. ', JSOT62 (1994), 1936 (24). 11. The verb form in Gen. 2 is a piel; the verbs H]U I ('answer, reply') and HDU ill ('be occupied, worried') are not attested in the piel conjugation. HDI7 n has 'a range of meanings that covers both the positive and negative aspects of several Eng. words, namely, humble, oppress, and afflict' (NIDOTE, III, 450), and is mostly found in the piel (two-thirds of approximately 80 occurrences). 12. ', 28. 2. All in the Family 23 Bechtel's point that Dinah is not raped is even stronger.

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A Theorem on Power Series, with an Application to Conformal Mapping (1918)(en)(3s) by Gronwall T.H.

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