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By Kathy Ross

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All New Crafts for Thanksgiving

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Table Cornucopia Here is what you need: brown and yellow pipe cleaners scissors green construction paper scrap white craft glue organdy ribbon colored tissue paper old CD solid color cone-shaped party hat five or more red, green, and orange plastic soda twist-off caps purple, red, and brown craft beads Here is what you do: Turn the party hat on one side and fold the tip of the hat up to make the cornucopia. Cut a square of colorful tissue paper to push into the cornucopia as a lining. Secure the tissue paper to the inside of the hat with glue, letting the paper stick out around the edges.

44 Turn one of the corrugated cardboard circles so that the holes are at the bottom of the turkey. 5-cm) pieces of orange pipe cleaner for the legs of the turkey. Dip one end of each leg into the glue, then slide the end up into one of the holes at the bottom of the turkey. 5 cm) apart. 5-cm) pieces of orange pipe cleaner to wrap around the bottom part of each leg for toes. To use the turkey card holder, slip the cards between the two turkeys so that the fanned out cards forms the tail of the turkey.

Wrap one of the pieces around each end of the folded pipe cleaner, about an inch from the end, to become toes. Bend the toes forward for the feet of the turkey. Glue the pipe cleaner feet around the center of the two joined bows so that the feet stick out at the bottom of the turkey. Cut a head for the turkey from the brown construction paper. 30 Cut a triangle-shaped beak from the orange construction paper. Glue the beak to the head of the turkey. Cut a wattle from the red construction paper. Glue the wattle to the head of the turkey just below the beak.

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