Amazing Rubber Band Cars: Easy-to-Build Wind-Up Racers, by Mike Rigsby PDF

By Mike Rigsby

ISBN-10: 1556527365

ISBN-13: 9781556527364

Combining enjoyable and interactive actions, this advisor may have teenagers captivated for hours developing wonderful racing vehicles with the fundamentals of simply rubber bands, cardboard, and glue. those uncomplicated directions with templates enable budding engineers to realize hands-on event as they research not just the right way to construct a simple racer, yet the best way to make differences comparable to aluminum foil axle bearings, guidance mechanisms, hinges, cam shafts, and wheels made from previous CDs. This helpful source has step by step directions for creating a simple rubber-band version, a railroad push-car, and a high-speed racer. different designated initiatives contain Oscar the guffawing Clown, which has a jaw mechanism that opens and closes whilst it strikes, and notice the puppy, which has a relocating tail. young ones may also find out how to construct a rubber band vehicle sufficiently big for a human. Exploring wheels, bearings, and friction, young children will research not just tips to make quick racers but additionally the technological know-how that makes the method work.

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01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 36 9/7/07 1:40 PM Page 36 Amazing Rubber Band Cars To wind the car, slowly roll the wheels in either direction. The force of gravity will prevent the weights from turning, and this causes the rubber band to wind up. When you release the wheels, the car will roll to return to its original position. Decorating the Car Materials and Tools Small circular mirrors Colored card stock Acrylic paints Paintbrushes Water White glue Scissors Use mirrors, colored paper, paint, or whatever else you can find to decorate your Simple Two-Wheeled Car.

You will need two Large Wheels (7A), two Small Wheels (7B), one Bottom (7C), one Front (7D), one Back (7E), and two Side Rails (7F). Now take one small wheel and attach it, using glue, to a pencil as shown. Add glue to the inside surface of the small wheel, then glue a large wheel to the small wheel.

When fully wound, at the point where the fishing line is wrapped around the rear axle, this car will travel at least three times as far as the Basic Rubber Band Car. 01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 28 9/7/07 1:39 PM Page 28 Amazing Rubber Band Cars Decorating the Car Materials and Tools Light and dark blue acrylic paint Ocean-themed stickers Wiggle eyes Paintbrushes Here is just one idea for decorating your Distance Car—a fish in the ocean theme. Here’s a finished car. Water White glue Scissors 01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 9/7/07 1:39 PM Page 29 Wheel (trace four) 4A Axle hole Inner Pulley (trace three) Outer Pulley (trace two) 4C 4B Hole Hole 29 01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 9/7/07 1:39 PM Page 30 Floor 4D 30 01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 Hole 9/7/07 1:39 PM Page 31 Frame (trace two) 4E Side Rail (trace two) 4F Hole Hole 31 01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 9/7/07 1:39 PM Page 32 01 (001-056) chapters 01-07 9/7/07 1:39 PM Page 33 5 Simple TwoWheeled Car In this chapter you will build a simple two-wheeled car.

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