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By Dot Barlowe

ISBN-10: 0486448118

ISBN-13: 9780486448114

From California's large Sur kingdom to Mount wasteland island off the rock-bound coast of Maine, those attractive drawings catch photographs of all issues nice and small. integrated, between different landmark American scenes, are perspectives of Everglades natural world, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Mt. McKinley, California redwoods, the Petrified woodland, previous devoted at Yellowstone nationwide Park, and bobwhite quail in a Kansas wheatfield.
Colorists of every age will take pleasure in portray or coloring those landscapes, which feature:
• attractive drawings, specifically published with gentle grey strains that almost disappear with the addition of colours for a complete, expert look
• top quality paper, published on one part simply and appropriate for watercolor, coloured pencils, and different media
• Perforated pages for simple elimination from the book

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