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By E. Hinton, et al.,

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354 Springer Lecture (1973). [De2]. , C o n s t r u c t i b i l i t y . [Je]. Jech. Trees. Springer, to appear. Journal of S y m b o l i c Logic 36, (1971), 1-14. [La]. R. Laver & S. Shelah. [Mi]. J. Mitchell, A r o n s z a j n Trees and the Independence of the Transfer Property. [Si]. H. Silver, The ~2-Souslin Hypothesis. Annals of Math. Logic 5, (1972), 21-46. The Independence of Kurepa's C o n j e c t u r e Two-Cardinal Conjectures in Model Theory. Pure Maths. XIII, Part I, 383-390. AMS Proc.

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1, y} x along T already no ~ 2 - b r a n c h is a s o u s l i n as a p a r a m e t e r , is A r o n s z a j n . that This however, clearly ~2-tree. we shall causes no of T In o r d e r simply loss of in our proof. 2 T is S o u s l i n . Proof: Suppose not. e. z, and ht(y) U N (TI~) to the fact of T. that at m o s t x 6 U there as in lemma countably each member in 2}. T is A r o n s z a j n , = ht(z)) . 1 many of y,z 6 U such is a ~ < ~2 such now, we can extensions extensions find a in T , in U on all 27 § 4.

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Analysis and Optimization of Prismatic and Axisymmetric Shell Structs. by E. Hinton, et al.,

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