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By Clayton R. Paul

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An prepared and concise exposition consolidating all examine within the literature in this subject. info latest tools for fixing multiconductor transmission-line equations to figure out voltage and/or currents triggered on the ends of conductors of the road from indications on different conductors or indications from incident assets. features a disk of FORTRAN codes imposing the entire resolution suggestions, lots of end-of-chapter difficulties and ratings of computed effects for real strains.

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J. Zaborsky and J. W. Rittenhouse, Electric Power Transmission, Ronald Press, NY, 1954. E. Matick, Transmission Lines for Digital arid Communication Networks, McGraw-Hill, NY, 1969. L. ), Parallel Coupled Lines and Directional Couplers, Artech House, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1972. T. ), Planar Transmission Line Structures, IEEE Press, NY, 1987. T. Weeks, “Multiconductor Transmission Line Theory in the TEM Approximation,” IBM J. Research and Development, pp. 604-611, November 1972. D. Marx, “Propagation Modes, Equivalent Circuits and Characteristic Terminations for Multiconductor Transmission Lines with Inhomogeneous Dielectrics,” I E E E Trans.

11. The quantity f is a current density in A/m a_"d contains conduction current, = ud', as well as any source as f = icurrent, A. We will assume the TEM field structure about the conductors in any cross-sectional plane as indicated in Fig. S(b). 6 15 Definitions of (a) voltage and (b) current for a two-conductor line. 22a), is zero because there are, by the TEM assumption, no z-directed fields so that Hz= 0. Similarly, by the TEM assumption, (9. = 0, and there is no z-directed conduction or displacement current, only z-directed source currents, &.

16 The coaxial cable for illustratingthe dependence of higher-order modes on cross-sectional electrical dimensions. 2 The Coaxial Transmission line Another closed system transmission line which is capable of supporting the TEM mode is the coaxial transmission line shown in Fig. 16. The general solution to Maxwell’s equations for the fields and modes in the space between the inner wire and the outer shield was solved in [l]. Clearly this structure can support the TEM mode with a cutoff frequency of dc.

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