New PDF release: Ancient Egyptian Design (Coloring Book)

By Ed Sibbett Jr.

ISBN-10: 048623746X

ISBN-13: 9780486237466

Actual photographs taken from Tutankhamun’s Tomb and different shrines at Thebes, from the 18th-20th Dynasties. determining captions with ancient details accompany each one drawing and a short creation and word list of gods whole this superb resource of old Egyptian pictorial layout. 39 plates.

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Crease firmly only to vertical centerline. 3. Unfold to original square with the colored side up. Valley-fold upper edge and mountain-fold lower edge at intersections as shown. 3A. Mountain- and valley-fold and collapse paper upward (collapsing sides underneath) to achieve the image in step 4. This procedure is similar to step 1. All folds fall on existing creases on one layer of the paper and the very center of the paper (where all the creases intersect) remains in the same position. 4. This is a tricky procedure.

The sides of the white flap will begin to swing inward. When the sides have swung as far as they can (to where they are restrained by the colored paper) and the inner edges are vertical, flatten. 7A. Valley-fold tip to begin rounding of upper scoop. 7B. Add more tiny valley-folds to round tip. Turn model over. 8. Create tiny mountain-folds to begin rounding of lower scoop. Below, carefully pull out all layers of loose paper. 9. Valley-fold sides of cone to align with edges on back, not edges on front.

Swivel the head and beak downward with tiny, hidden crimp folds. 10. Two reverse-folds form the beak. Round back and bottom of head with mountain-folds on each side. Completed Penguin. ELEPHANT HEAD A 10-inch (25-cm) square produces an elephant head that is 8 ¼ (21 cm) inches from ear to ear. 1. Precrease one diagonal. Mountain-fold sides behind to meet at centerline and valley-fold top downward. 2. Valley-fold sides to centerline without creasing back flaps. Swing back flaps out to side. 3. Valley-fold from upper edges to hidden tip of colored paper, marked X.

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