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The very high-energy surf zone provides opportunities for those species, such as this Pompano, to forage on the incoming tide. The seabed is dominated by red algae, whereas prior to the great bleaching event, there was hard coral at this site. Padina brown alga on a small granite boulder in the surf zone. 40 The intertidal zone The intertidal zone is the area between high and low tides, which varies in height above sea-level from 0-2 m. 7 km coastline. Except when sandstone pavement is exposed at low tide, the rest of the intertidal zone is beach sand.

By Michael Samways, Peter Hitchins, Orty Bourquin, and Jock Henwood. Published 2010 by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 27 Limestone intrusion (mauvish, in centre), wedged between pink granite in the cave on the north side of Cousine. The white area in the bottom left is recent coral rubble washed into the cave. The exposed north facing cliff of the North hill. The granite, where it slopes directly into the sea, presents a rough boulder coastline, usually with moderately steep to precipitous slopes. Bare boulder surfaces are prominent on the ridge, the south-west facing slopes, and on the north-facing hill slope, some as backbone-like projections, and others as small cliffs.

These grooved and fluted surfaces are known as rillenstein. With additional horizontal weathering and erosion, they form rockpiles, known as nubbins (Johnson and Baarli 2005). When horizontal weathering takes place, it leads to piles of boulders called nubbins, which, in time, topple. In the Seychelles, basalt and dolerite dykes (when hot igneous rock has penetrated fissures) and sheets occur in this granite. Both dykes and sheets have clean intrusive contacts, but small, irregular branching, minor dykes sometimes occur as offshoots of larger dykes.

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