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By Irving J. Selikoff (Auth.)

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The general formula for chrysotile may be written: Mg3Si 20 5(OH)4. By contrast, the chemical composition of the amphibole species is extremely complex. A theoretical general formula might be written as follows: (Ca,Na,Mn) 2_ 3 · (Mg,Fe,Ti, A l , M n ) 5 · (Si, Al) 8 · 0 2 2 · (OH,F) 2 , the elements within a parentheses being somewhat interchangeable (790). The relationships of the amphibole compositions are indicated in the three-dimensional diagrams of Fig. 2 - 2 . A large number of minerals may be found in physical admixture with the asbestos fibers in the ores as mined.

Amosite may be coarse or pliable; tremolite and anthophyllite vary from soft to harsh (328). Harshness is linked to the flexural modulus of the fibers; those with high values being harsh and relatively stiff and giving an open, bulky, and fairly porous mass. Flexible, soft fibers tend to form stringy and denser masses. Harshness has been variously related to the water content of the fiber, fine mineral intergrowths in the bundles, and the relative proportions of two crystallographic forms (708).

Asbestos Minerals: Nature, Occurrence, and Properties PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Color, Texture, and Flexibility There is a good deal of variability in the color of asbestos, particularly of chrysotile, depending upon the exact content of cations and water of crystallization as is indicated in Table 2 - 5 taken from Berger (71). g. in 809). 62 With kind permission of Chemical Publishing C o . , New York. The texture of chrysotile varies from silky to quite harsh; that of crocidolite from soft to harsh.

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Asbestos and Disease by Irving J. Selikoff (Auth.)

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