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By R. A. Risdon, D. R. Turner (auth.)

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This publication is meant as a realistic bench handbook phological abnormalities in renal illnesses, and for the health facility pathologist who needs to have the place acceptable those were illustrated. entry to an easy informative account of renal even if the most emphasis is at the pathology, pathology, relatively for the translation of the proper scientific features of the stipulations cov­ percutaneous needle biopsy specimens. I n addition ered are incorporated in acceptance of the truth that we belief it will likely be priceless to physicians operating renal affliction is a space during which correlation of the within the box of renal disorder, for whom the interpre­ medical and histopathological findings is especially tation of renal biopsy fabric is without delay suitable to big in achieving an educated prognosis. sufferer administration. when a complete insurance extra appro­ priate to a bigger textual content has no longer been tried, the Acknowledgements textual content has been deliberate to provide an sufficient account of the extra vital non-neoplastic disorder seasoned­ we want to thank the technical employees of the cesses and their pathological appearances within the Histopathology Laboratories of The London Hos­ kidney. issues of trouble in interpretation and dif­ pital clinical collage, The medical institution for unwell Chil­ ferential prognosis are coated either within the textual content and in dren, nice Ormond road, and Guy's clinic the illustrations.

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